The Lucidity Project
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The Lucidity Project
featuring Joan Jeanrenaud


Physical CD: CDbaby | Amazon
Digital: iTunes

Tracks and Credits

1. January (listen)
2. passing ships (listen)
3. mural
4. imprint
5. lucidity
6. rootlock
7. arrival
8. blackpoint
9. swan dive
10. waiting

Composed and Produced by Michael Halaas
"Waiting" by Joan Jeanrenaud

Michael: Piano, Percussion, Bass, Vocals, Guitars
Joan: Cello

Recorded at Different Fur, San Francisco
Engineered by Howard Johnston
Additional Engineering by Justin Leiberman
Mixed by Howard Johnston and Michael Halaas
Masted by Bernie Grundman
Jacket Design by Michael Halaas

Thank you to Howard and Justin for expertise, experience, support, encouragement, and patience. Thank you to Susan at Fur for helping make this possible. Thank you to Rory for constant critical input and for poetry.Thank you to Inga and Mark for your guidance and for standing behind me when no one else would. Thank you to my family and friends without all of whom I'd be completely lost.

Thank you to Joan for grace, for beauty, for strength, for inspiration, for ability, for good wine, for good times, for art, for adventure, for warmth, for your one woman army.

Please visit Joan Jeanrenaud's website: